In the summer of 1993 I was introduced to the internet by the cousin of a close friend of mine. August that same year I attended Hacking at the End of the Universe where I connected to the internet via a BNC cable running out of my tent followed by me joining Apple which is where I stumbled upon a bunch of geeks doing geeky stuff from an apartment in Japan. They had a webcam running with a button that you could press to have sound files play on one of their machines. I don't know why by I felt a kinship with these fellow geeks in Japan and left their webcam page open while handling customer support calls. Watching them play guitar, code, eat and sleep made me feel less alone.

I bought the domain many years ago, not sure why, nostalgia I guess. Anyways, intention is to scrape together a snapshot of the website from the early 90's, together with the screen grabs I made of their webcam back then and some basic info on where the Eccosys Geeks are today. If you have anything I can add please let me know. If I'm sharing something you do not want to have online also let me know. Saying as I noticed that a few of the Eccosys folks are almost invisible on the net these days.

The original eccosys site from roughly 1996 can be found here.

eccosys-screen Joibathroompop1994

Note, very much a work in progress as I hunt down content of dead links.

Where are they now?

Main cast
Joichi Ito, Cyrus Shaoul, Sen, Jona, Yuki-chan, Yoon, Ted Crossman

Akira Nishimura, ..daishi.., Masato Utsumi, David,

Reiko Chiba, Professor Takemura, Moon, Brandon, Masuyama, John Gilmore, Timothy Leary, Takizawa-san, Hiyori, Kimura, Peter, Saeed, Satoko